ITLAL Academies

At the beginning or end of each semester ITLAL offers extended workshops on innovative teaching strategies. These typically involve a commitment of at least two full days of workshops, plus one-on-one consultations tied to development and design of a targeted course. For some academies funding may be available. Check the ITLAL Calendar as well as the home page for information about upcoming Academies. For more information, please contact us at

Recent Academies:

Team-Based Learning

In this Academy, participants transform a traditionally taught course into one that integrates a set of practices guided by the Michaelsen Team-Based Learning method. This transformation involves adopting specific protocols designed to induce a strong team dynamic, and requires learning classroom management strategies that make students more responsible for their own learning.

Regularly offered in January, May, and early August.

The Flipped Classroom

Participants in this academy adopt the practice of moving traditional in-class lectures into media-rich presentations of content that students access before class. This frees up class time for students to work on tasks and problems that allow them to put into use the concepts they studied before coming to class.

The Flipped Classrooom Project is typically offered in December. Learn more about the last iteration here.

Creating a Hybrid/Blended Course

Participants in this academy undertake a redesign of a course for the purpose of transferring at least 50% into an online format. The intensive use of web-based activities allows for greater flexibility and mobility of both students and instructors. UAlbany’s platform for offering hybrid courses is Blackboard Learn 9.1, and we focus on effective use of that technology in this academy. Other technologies are introduced based on participant interest or need.

Web-Enhanced Courses

Participants in this academy learn to enrich a face-to-face course using basic web-based technologies and active learning approaches to student engagement. UAlbany’s primary platform for offering web-enhanced courses is Blackboard Learn 9.1, and we focus on use of that technology in this academy.