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Faculty success in getting tenure largely depends upon a handful of controllable eventualities. Data show that new tenure-track faculty members-even at primarily research institutions-typically spend 75% of their time developing and teaching courses during the first year, and this number does not go down much in year two. Developing reasonable teaching goals and a plan to achieve them is essential if you are going to free up time for the research and scholarship upon which your tenure will be based. ITLAL exists to provide ideas and services that increase your effectiveness and efficiency as an instructor. ITLAL also works with other entities on campus to provide ideas on other areas of concern: time management; writer's block; finding grants; and navigating the political whitewater of your department, to name just a few.

What they should have told you...but didn't!

Felder, NC State University
Brent and Felder, NC State University
Felder and Brent, NC State University
University of California, Santa Barbara
Rockquemore, National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity
Olsen, Journal of Higher Education

Top 10 Books for University Instructors

All of these books are available in the ITLAL Resource Library (Library 69). Please come in to read them in our quiet conference area. We regret that books may not be removed from the ITLAL library at this time. However, we will be happy to make available a photocopy of a chapter or section of a book that would be helpful for you. Click on any title to see that book's Table of Contents.

Ambrose et al.
Angelo & Cross
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Time Management

Carleton College
Meggin McIntosh
Meggin McIntosh


Other Publications and Forums on University Teaching
Stanford University
Georgia Southern University
The Carnegie Foundation