Event Calendar

Fall 2017 Events for Faculty and Instructional Staff

September 9: Designing and Implementing In-Class Activities for Student Learning
September 18 & 19: Teaching for Transfer
September 27: Designing for Online Learning: Building a Classroom Environment through Essential Interactions
September 28: How to Write Effective Multiple Choice Exams
October 11: Minimal Marking for Maximum Impact
October 17: Special Event: What happens when we let students "opt out" of face-to-face class participation? 
With Special Guest Presenter Dr. Perry Samson
Fall 2017 Events for Graduate Students and Future Faculty
September 15: Prepare for the Academic Job Market: Effective CVs
September 26: Prepare for the Academic Job Market: Powerful Cover Letters
October 5: Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for an Academic Job
October 10: Teaching Portfolios for Future Faculty