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Instructional Consulting

CATLOE’s instructional consulting services support UAlbany instructors in their development as effective teachers, with a focus on teaching that aligns with research on human learning. We provide personalized, individual consultations with instructors; workshops and academies; tailored programming for departments and programs; print and web-based teaching resources; formative feedback on in-person and online classes; and support for documenting teaching. We also support graduate students preparing for the academic job market.

Instructional Design & Support

CATLOE’s instructional design and support services help UAlbany instructors teach effectively with technology, with a focus on making the best use of the campus Learning Management System (Blackboard) and tools integrated into that system to design effective learning experiences for students. We provide personalized, individual consultations; webinars and workshops; and web-based resources to help faculty choose and implement technology solutions that support their pedagogical goals.

Online Education

CATLOE’s online education services support UAlbany’s mission of strategically building high-quality online programs that support student learning and success. Our team of instructional design experts works with departments and programs to design, develop, and build fully online courses that provide consistent learning experiences in alignment with documented best practices.

Test Scanning Services

CATLOE’s test scanning services provides technical support to facilitate multiple-choice exams for UAlbany instructors teaching large classes. We provide instructors with the resources to easily complete every step of the process, from preparing for and administering exams to scanning exams and providing a full report of results.