Teaching & Learning Support

ITLAL is committed to supporting UAlbany faculty who wish to innovate their teaching by using pedagogical approaches and methods that are supported by research in teaching and learning. These include active, inquiry-driven approaches, including Team-Based Learning and other flipped classroom strategies. Our professional staff possesses expertise in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and works to make that knowledge accessible for instructors through our programming, publications, and consulting work.


ITLAL provides personalized support for innovating your teaching in ways that work for your discipline, goals, instructional needs and even personalities. Our expert staff can provide formative feedback on a variety of course materials, visit your classroom and provide formative feedback, visit your online course and provide formative feedback, help you document your teaching effectively, and offer assistance as you design courses and learning activities. Bring in a question you’d like to explore, and a member of the staff will work with you to help ensure your success.

Workshops and Events

ITLAL offers a variety of workshops each semester that are thoughtfully designed to replicate for participants the experience of active, inquiry-driven learning. Our hope is that instructors can see what it might be like to try a certain strategy, method or technique in their own classes. ITLAL events also present opportunities for faculty and graduate students to build community across the university by interacting with colleagues outside their home departments.

Career Development

ITLAL is committed to the success of all faculty and graduate students at the University not only as teachers, but as scholars and citizens of the University community. We provide programming and consultations aimed at the support and development of our new and early career faculty as they navigate their way through the tenure process. We also offer a robust series of opportunities for graduate students who are preparing for careers in academe.