Early Career Institute

The Early Career Institute (ECI) is offered each year in mid-August, before the fall semester begins. The ECI includes three days of interactive workshops designed to accelerate the development of skills, knowledge, perspectives, attitudes, insights and relationships needed for success as a university faculty member. In addition to the three-day Institute workshops, ITLAL offers guidance and support for completion of several follow-up activities during the academic year.

During the ECI workshops, participants will learn and develop strategies to help them do the following:

1. Plan effectively to reach professional goals, including how to…

  • establish and sustain a career trajectory that aligns with their goals, interests, and priorities,
  • evaluate and select opportunities to lead and serve,
  • communicate intentionally to ensure visibility and support of your work, and
  • predict the short- and long-term consequences of decisions and actions.

2. Teach for maximum impact on student learning while managing time efficiently, including how to…

  • design learning experiences to engage students and ensure deep and lasting learning,
  • create positive and productive working relationships with students,
  • move students into the role of autonomous, self-regulated learners, and
  • manage classroom situations effectively.

3. Navigate a new institution, including how to…

  • establish/define a role in the department and the institution,
  • deal with the political dynamics of academic departments and interacting with (sometimes difficult) colleagues, and
  • find mentors and learn how to be mentored well, and
  • “manage up” in order to protect your goals, interests and priorities

After the ECI workshops, participants are strongly encouraged to engage in any of all of these follow-up activities during the academic year, with guidance and support from ITLAL:

  • meet with ITLAL staff and ECI colleagues for monthly “coffee hour” meetings,
  • develop and execute a focused academic year plan focused on teaching, research, and service,
  • develop and document a mentoring relationship with another UAlbany faculty member,
  • conduct “Early Semester Surveys” of students in classes (forms and administration provided by ITLAL),
  • invite ITLAL staff to visit a class meeting, and
  • engage in other individual consultations with ITLAL staff as needed for guidance on progress toward teaching, research, and leadership goals.

To learn more about the ECI, please contact ITLAL at teachingandlearning@albany.edu or 518-442-5521. You may also want to schedule a consultation with us.