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Prepare for the Academic Job Market: Effective Teaching Statements


Registration: Whether you apply for positions at research-oriented universities or teaching-focused community colleges, or anywhere in between, you will be asked to communicate your approach to teaching. Teaching statements are notoriously difficult to write, but even if you have very little teaching experience, you can write a strong teaching statement! In this interactive workshop, Read More

Prepare for the Academic Job Market: Effective Cover Letters


Registration: What does your cover letter communicate to a search committee? Will they see you as a potential colleague or as a desperate graduate student? The cover letter is your first interaction with the search committee and will set the tone for future interactions (and may determine whether there are any!). In this interactive Read More

Prepare for the Academic Job Market: Effective CV’s


Registration: No matter what kind of job (or grant!) you apply for in academe, you will be expected to submit a CV. How do you make sure your CV communicates your accomplishments effectively and efficiently so that your application makes it into the “interview this person!” file? This isn’t an easy task, but there Read More