Resources within SUNY and Beyond

Resources and communities of practice related to online teaching and learning are abundant on the internet.  Explore state and global resources to grow your knowledge and capability for teaching online effectively.

Resources within SUNY

  • SUNY Online Teaching Community – This community is a SUNY-wide community of practitioners in online teaching and learning.  Explore posts and resources or join the conversations!
  • OLC OSCQR Rubric – There are several course quality rubrics out there, but Open SUNY has created one that has now been recognized nationally and has become part of a suite of resources at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC).  It is the Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) rubric.
  • OSCQR Standards Explained – This site dedicates a webpage to each of the standards identified in the OSCQR rubric and contains information, annotations, resources, and a video of experienced professionals across SUNY.
  • OSCQR Standards Video Playlist – This site is a YouTube playlist of videos created by Open SUNY to supplement the OSCQR rubric. These videos are also incorporated into the OSCQR Standards Explained site above.
  • SUNY Advanced Topics Video Playlist – This playlist contains videos on a variety of more advanced topics in Online Learning featuring experts from across the SUNY System.

Resources beyond SUNY

  • Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR) – Managed by the University of Central Florida, this repository houses peer reviewed strategies and resources for online teaching.  Instructors submit resources and justifications on a variety of teaching practices.  Learn more about topics of interest to you.
  • Online Learning Consortium (OLC) – For over two decades, this organization has been focused on quality and advancement in online teaching and learning.  Innovation in online education, pedagogy, and technology drive the development of resources and professional development opportunities including two large conferences every year and a variety of online courses and webinars.
  • Online Learning Journal – Access empirical research from around the world on many facets of online education, technology, and practice.  Published four times a year, this open access journal allows for easy sharing of the most up to date research on online learning.
  • University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) – Based in Washington DC with over 100 years of service, this organization shares information related to professional, continuing, and online education as well as public policy.