Online Course Design and Development

This set of resources provides an overview of the process of preparing an online course, from course design to development and building in the Learning Management System (Brightspace). Click on the links below to find short articles that address each element of the process. If you would like to learn more or work with an Instructional Designer or Consultant as you design and develop an online course, we invite you to request a consultation.

Designing Online Courses

When creating fully online courses, the planning stages are crucial.  Before you begin any work in the Learning Management System (Brightspace), you will need to carefully design the essential course elements “on paper” (so to speak) to ensure instruction is highly effective in supporting student attainment of the learning outcomes.  The resources below will provide initial guidance on how to plan these essential elements.

Considering Online Factors

Several key factors must be taken into consideration when planning fully online courses.  Planning the class environment, student engagement, and student success factors must be intentional; some of these factors are introduced in the resources that follow and impact the plans you make when designing the course.