Our Services

ITLAL provides a variety of services designed to support instructors’ success in the classroom and beyond.

Early Semester Feedback: This service allows you to collect feedback from students while you are still teaching a course and have time to act on the information you receive.

Workshops and Events: Each semester, ITLAL offers several workshops designed for participants to experience and reflect on research-based teaching strategies.

iClicker: ITLAL offers pedagogical and technical support for instructors who would like to adopt clickers in their classes.

Media Streaming: ITLAL can help you digitize your existing media into formats that can easily be made available for students in your courses.

ITLAL Library Resources: ITLAL has a small library of books that can be used by faculty members, graduate students, and administrators.

Graduate Student Programs: ITLAL provides focused, specialized support to graduate students who teach and who plan careers as faculty members.

Consultations: ITLAL staff are available to consult individually with instructors to discuss their teaching and career development.