Graduate Student Programs

Courses in Teaching and Professional Development

ITLAL offers three courses to help graduate students planning for faculty careers. Each is offered once a year and may be taken for 0-1 credit hours. Courses are offered under the numbers listed below, and all courses require a permission number. Contact us to request a permission number.

  • Seminar in College Teaching (ACAS 601/RPAD 590/RPOS 611): This course, offered each fall, helps students design an effective course and plan how to effectively teach it, using the scholarship of teaching and learning. Students leave the course with an effective syllabus, lesson plan, and a teaching statement.
  • Preparing for the Professoriate (ACAS 602/ RPAD 591/RPOS 612): This course, offered each spring, helps students develop a working knowledge of the typical expectations made of a new faculty member, what it means to be a professional academic, the American system of higher education, and the processes involved in securing and thriving in a tenure-track academic position. Students leave the course with an effective cover letter and CV.
  • Becoming a Reflective Teacher (ACAS 603/RPAD 592/RPOS 613): This course, offered each fall, helps students use the scholarship and techniques of reflective teachers to construct a teaching portfolio that can be used as part of a job search and as the basis for a professional portfolio.

Future Faculty and Teaching Development Program (FFTDP)

The FFTDP is a long-term program (designed to be completed over 2+ years) to help graduate students develop the skills requisite for good teaching practice, prepare for the academic job market, and prepare for a successful transition to faculty careers. This program complements existing departmental professionalization programs that already give us some “best practices” on campus, while at the same time make it possible for students in departments that do not have such programs to prepare for the role of college or university faculty member. In addition to completion of the coursework listed above, participants attend workshops, sustain a six-month relationship with a mentor, perform service, and create and revise a teaching portfolio.

Participation is open to students who have taken at least one of the courses listed above. The Future Faculty and Teaching Development Program Overview provides more details about the program. If you are interested in completing the program, please contact