Early Semester Surveys

ITLAL’s early semester survey service is designed to help instructors learn about students’ experience in an ongoing course. The data should help instructors make adjustments in response to student concerns. All survey data are confidential.

After an instructor submits a request (see form on this page below), we will create an electronic survey and send an anonymous link that you can share with your students. After the survey has closed, we will download the data and send you a report by email within 48 hours. ITLAL consultants are available to review the results with instructors upon request.

We provide several different survey options to help you receive the most relevant and useful data for your teaching situation. Surveys have been adjusted to reflect the variety of teaching modalities in Spring 2021 courses. Click on preview to see the questions that will be included on each survey type.

  • 100% In-Person Course (preview)
  • Mixed In-Person: Alternating Attendance Course (preview)
  • Mixed In-Person: Synchronous Simulcast Course (preview)
  • Hybrid Synchronous Course (preview)
  • Hybrid Asynchronous Course (preview)
  • Hybrid Mixed Asynchronous and Synchronous Course (preview)
  • 100% Online Synchronous Course (preview)
  • 100% Online Asynchronous Course (preview)
  • 100% Online Mixed Asynchronous and Synchronous Course (preview)
  • Labs (preview)
  • Graduate Seminar (preview)
  • Writing or Writing-Intensive Course (preview)