Early Semester Surveys for Face-to-Face and Blended Courses

Please provide us the following information, then choose a survey from the list below. The blank survey forms will be printed and available for you to pick up the day before the scheduled survey. If you wish to receive the forms by campus mail, please submit your request at least one week before your survey date.

We recommend that you distribute the survey at the beginning of class and then wait outside the room while students respond. Pens or pencils work equally well. If you are concerned about student sensitivity and confidentiality, then simply ask a student to collect the forms and deliver them to ITLAL on your behalf. The data will be processed into an electronic report (click here to see sample) and made available to you within one week. ITLAL consultants are available to review the results with you, if you choose.

Request Early Semester Feedback

Please fill this form for requesting early semester feedback questionnaire for your face-to-face and Blended Courses.

Lab Survey Questions

Please fill the following ONLY if you are ordering this for a Lab.

Sample Surveys