Resources for New Faculty

Welcome to UAlbany! We know that when you begin a new position, many questions arise about how to navigate your new institution and community. Below, we’ve assembled answers to some of the questions we frequently hear from new faculty. If you don’t find what you need to know here, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (518) 442-5521 or send an e-mail with your question to

Resources to support your teaching

Support for effective teaching

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Online Education (CATLOE) provides a wide array of pedagogical resources for all instructors at UAlbany.

  • Individual consultations provide specialized support on any teaching topic of interest to instructors.
  • Each semester, we offer teaching-focused Workshops and Events for faculty and instructional staff.
  • Our Early Semester Survey service allows instructors to collect feedback from students early so that they can respond to student concerns.
  • The Teaching A to Z section of our website features short articles that draw on the current research on teaching and learning to guide teaching practices.
  • CATLOE regularly publishes print articles on teaching topics, which are available in hard copy in our office and can also be found in electronic form on the publications page of our website.
  • CATLOE maintains a print resource library, featuring current and classic titles about various topics of interest to UAlbany faculty. Instructors are welcome to come to our office and make use of the library.

Support for Teaching with Technology

CATLOE provides a variety of supports for effective use of technology in support of teaching.

  • Our media digitization service allows instructors to digitize existing media into formats that can easily be made available for students in their courses.
  • Our Instructional Design and Support services include individual consultations and webinars to support instructors in effective use of Brightspace, our campus Learning Management System (LMS), and other learning technologies.
  • Test Scanning Services provides free Scantron forms for multiple-choice tests and processes the completed forms. 

Resources to support your students

Our students’ lives are complex, and many times they need support beyond the classroom to ensure their success. Below are some of services the University provides for students with a variety of needs.

  • The Office of Access and Academic Enrichment administers programs that have been nationally recognized for the outstanding academic support services they offer to University at Albany students.
  • Community Standards administers the student code of conduct, called Community Rights & Responsibilities, and ensures students understand how to uphold those principles.
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Student Services (DAISS)supports and empowers students by cultivating an accessible and inclusive living and learning environment at the University at Albany.
  • The University has several Health & Well-Being units to support the mental and physical health of UAlbany students.
    • Student Health Services (SHS) provides compassionate and inclusive healthcare to all registered UAlbany students.
    • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) provides compassionate, confidential and inclusive mental health care to registered UAlbany students. All services are covered by students’ tuition and fees. 
    • The Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program offers critical peer assistance services to UAlbany students — especially during evenings and on weekends, when other support services are harder to access. 
    • The Office of Health Promotion helps UAlbany students live healthier lives by offering a variety of programs, services and initiatives that address mental and physical health, alcohol and other drug use, sexual health, sexual violence prevention, and survivor advocacy.  
    • The Collegiate Recovery Program aims to foster a recovery-ready campus community and hosts programs to increase awareness and reduce stigma related substance use disorder and other addictive behaviors.  
    • Project SHAPE (Sexual Health and Peer Education) is a group of student peer educators who provide sexuality and sexual health education to the UAlbany community. 
  • Student CARE Services helps the Great Dane community navigate tough issues and access the support they need on campus. They respond to reports of concern for UAlbany students, administer the campus food pantry and professional clothing closet, and manage emergency grant funds.
  • The Writing Center assists both students and faculty with academic writing across the disciplines. We provide assistance for writers producing essays for graduate school admissions, resumes, theses, dissertations and creative writing. They offer presentations and individual tutorials.

Resources to support your research

Establishing and maintaining a productive research agenda is crucial to the success of new faculty, and the University offers several resources to support faculty success in research.

Resources to support the path to tenure

The path to tenure begins when you become an Assistant Professor, and the University provides several resources that can help ensure your success.

  • Many pre-tenure faculty take advantage of ITLAL’s individual consultations to support them as they navigate the challenges of an academic career. Faculty can invite ITLAL staff to observe a class and provide feedback on their teaching, which can help prepare for required peer observations for tenure.
  • The Promotion & Tenure page published by the Office of the Provost provides a detailed guide to the tenure process and recommendations for documenting your work effectively.
  • Your department and/or college or school may also provide you with resources that will support you on the path to tenure. Talk with your department chair or dean to see what kind of support is available to you.

Things to do in the UAlbany community

In addition to academic resources, UAlbany has a vibrant culture, with many different opportunities to get involved.

  • The New York State Writers Institute offers a variety of programs focused on literature, writing, and performance. The Institute brings many writers, filmmakers, and performers to campus each semester.
  • The University Art Museum features exhibitions, programs, publications, and collections focused on contemporary visual arts.
  • The Performing Arts Center hosts many music, theater, and dance performances each academic year.
  • UAlbany Sports include 7 men’s teams and 9 women’s teams in sports ranging from football to volleyball.

Things to do in and around Albany

If you’d like to learn more about local, state, and national history, you might be interested in visiting these sites and museums.

If you’re interested in the arts, you might want to visit these local performance venues.

If you would like to enjoy live performances in the beautiful upstate summer, you might be interested in some of these events.

If you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, biking, and skiing, you have many options near the Capital District.