Resources for Remote Teaching and Learning

This page contains resources for faculty who are moving courses to a remote format.

Simple plans for moving to remote teaching

These 1-page guides offer a quick overview to help instructors re-envision their face-to-face course for remote delivery.
A plan for instructors who lecture
A plan for instructors who use interactions in class

Building on your initial plans

These longer guides offer a more in-depth set of strategies for expanding your initial remote teaching and learning plans. These are designed to help you continue developing your course
Teaching with lectures online
Teaching with activities online
Teaching with discussions online

Learning and Adjusting

As you adapt to teaching in the remote environment, it’s important that you reflect on your experience and that of your students. This guide is designed to guide you through seeking feedback, reflecting on what you learn, and making adjustments to your course.
Reflect and Adjust

Notes from Remote Teaching Brown Bag meetings

In April, ITLAL began offering a weekly virtual “brown bag” session where faculty can share their experiences with moving to remote teaching and learning. While we do not record those sessions, each week we compile notes and create some suggestions for best practices in response to the concerns that arise.
Notes from March 27 meeting
Notes from April 10 meeting
Notes from April 17 meeting
Notes from May 1 meeting
Notes from May 8 meeting
Notes from May 15 meeting