Workshops and Events

Our workshops are more than presentations on teaching. They are designed to replicate the experience of active, inquiry-driven learning so participants can imagine and reflect on what it might be like to try an evidence-based strategy, method, or technique in their own classrooms. ITLAL workshops focus on course design and teaching practices that are shown to lead to improved student learning. Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) workshops focus on best practices for designing fully online courses that lead to student learning and satisfaction.

Spring 2021 ITLAL Workshops for Faculty and Instructional Staff

Motivating Students to Persist–in Any Teaching Modality!

Teaching during the COVID-19 crisis has brought to the fore some core challenges for us and for our students, especially in online courses. One of these important challenges is creating a motivating learning environment, whether you are teaching a face-to-face, hybrid, or online course. This series of workshops will provide you with concrete strategies for designing assignments, student preparatory work, and student interactions that will lead to student success. Register for all three or choose those that are most relevant for your courses.

Spring 2021 ITLAL Workshops for Graduate Students and Future Faculty

Preparing for the Job Market: Successful Zoom Interviews

The academic job market is more competitive than ever, and now prospective candidates must be prepared for screening and extended interviews (what we used to call the “on-campus interview”) conducted entirely on Zoom. In this three-part series, you will learn how to prepare for interviews, how to prepare a teaching demonstration, and how to prepare your “job talk” (the overview of your research required for most searches). This series of short, high-impact workshops will prepare you for the new reality of the academic job market. Register for all three or choose those you need most.

Spring 2021 OTL Workshops on Designing for Online Learning