Resources for Preparing an In-Person Course

An In-Person Course is one in which all students meet in the classroom with the instructor for all class meetings.

If you are planning to teach an in-person course in the fall, please start your preparation by watching this short video (password = Teach2020!) that provides an overview of teaching in this mode, information about the technologies that are available to you, and some best practices to get you started.

If you have not already done so, familiarize yourself with a brand new resource now available in Blackboard called Fall 2020 Keep Teaching, which contains structured guidance through the process of designing and developing your course for fall semester.

ITLAL has developed a set of text-based resources relevant to teaching in Fall 2020. Please visit the Teaching Strategies for Fall 2020 Course Modalities page to locate the resources that are relevant for your courses.

Finally, all instructors who will be teaching in-person courses need to be prepared to move their course to remote instruction, which means having the course structure built in Blackboard. If you are teaching a face-to-face course, you should participate in the essential workshops listed below. Please also see the list of additional workshops that may be appropriate for your teaching or your course. If you are unable to attend a session live, you can locate recordings of all sessions, including past sessions, in the Fall 2020 Keep Teaching resource. Simply log in and click Summer 2020 Workshop and Webinar Recordings on the left-side menu.

Essential Workshops to Prepare for In-Person Teaching

Below are the workshops and webinars that are ESSENTIAL to help instructors prepare to teach in-person courses in Fall 2020.

Workshops to help you design your course so that you can move to remote instruction if needed
Workshops to help you make decisions about accessible course structure, learning activities, and assessments in Blackboard
Workshops to help you communicate with students

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Additional Workshops to Prepare for In-Person Teaching

Several additional workshops and webinars may be relevant, depending on your teaching goals, teaching approach, or background in online teaching and learning. The full schedule of summer workshops and webinars is available here.

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