Teaching & Learning Support

ITLAL provides a variety of resources and services designed to support instructors’ success in the classroom.

Teaching A to Z: This collection of resources provides an overview of some of the most important foundational strategies and approaches to effective teaching.

Team-Based Learning: ITLAL provides support for Team-Based Learning (TBL), an evidence-based teaching method designed to lead to better learning outcomes for students.

Common Teaching Challenges: This collection of resources provides strategies for responding to some of the issues and concerns that frequently arise for instructors.  

Faculty Success Stories: Learn more about the impact of the work ITLAL has done with some UAlbany faculty.

ITLAL Publications: ITLAL regularly publishes and distributes short articles on issues related to teaching and learning and career development.

Workshops and Events: Each semester, ITLAL offers several workshops designed for participants to experience and reflect on research-based teaching strategies.

Information for Part-Time Faculty: These resources are designed to help part-time faculty navigate the structure of the institution so they (and their students!) can be successful.

Consultations: ITLAL staff are available to consult individually with instructors to discuss their teaching and career development.